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Intro: An era with splint baskets

A Personal History of Splint Basketry in Denmark and Sweden.

  Chief Seattle on Internet


Dr. Henry A. Smidt in Seattle Sunday Star on October 29. 1887

This is the entrance to my town Lillerød   The Brudevaelte Lurs

Music with Bronze Age Lurs

Why Alleryd instead of Alleroed?
-and hear the sounds of the lurs!


Family tree and the punishment of God

[abstract of article in Danish]

  Parable upon a parable
upon a certain Jesus, his brother Judas and their father -

Invitation to the Danish in English

Links to Danish books in English 2010-2011

  Danish poetry in English

Per-Olof Johansson: Five Essays in the Art of Poetry

A hanger bench - or clothes tree

Arne Johansson in Allerød, Denmark fell for
the task which the Danish craft magazine
‘Husflid’ had raised: Creating a different coat

Why the surname Oddershede?

Today the name is tied to a farm located at Oddershede, Jutland, Denmark, as well as to the road leading up to the farm. A family is thus named after the farm.


My friend Angry

My first Movie


Unrestrained market economy

It does not seem to affect supporters of the unrestrained market economy, that its principle that the common good is achieved by any operating unrestrainedly for his own interest, again again has gained a shattering blow, revealed by the financial crisis 2008.


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