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Why the surname Oddershede?

Where does the family name Oddershede originate from?

Below you can read about the origin of the family name Oddershede. Today the name is tied to a farm located at Oddershede as well as to the road leading up to the farm. A family is thus named after the farm.

Finally we found it--- (around 1980).

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The Oddershede family from Hillerslev parish

This is about Lars Peter Knudsen Oddershede, who was born in 1824, and his wife, their ancestors and descendents.

Source: Skals: Nordisk Sl&aeliggsforskning (Nordic genealogy) 1980.


From the above publication I know that Knud Andersen purchased Oddershedeg&aringrd (Oddershede farm) in 1830. His son, Lars Peter Knudsen Oddershede (1824-1907), purchased Oddershedeg&aringrd from his father in 1851. In 1854 Lars Peter Knudsen Oddershede was given royal concession to the surname Oddershede. Lars Peter Knudsen Oddershede sold Oddershedeg&aringrd to a buyer outside the family in 1888.

At the local history archive in Thisted Thisted Lokalhistoriske Arkiv , a pdf-file (0.3 megabyte) Oddershedeg&aringrd about Oddershedeg&aringrd can be downloaded. The file contains, among other things, censuses in Skovsted. This file should keep you occupied for a while! But it reveals that the place name dates back to the 17th century. But it is difficult to conclude, whether the name used for a certain poerson just is mention of the place - or part of the surname.

At the website www.wegeberg.dk, the name Oddershede appears three times:

In 1721 Peder Christen of Odshede fathers a daughter called Kiersten Pedersdatter Odshede. In 1754 she gives birth to a daughter called Kirsten Christensdatter Oddershede who dies in 1833. Whether Lars Peter KnudsenOddershede is a relative to these people is unknown. But this reveals that the name has been used previously. From the page Thomas Jespersen 1780-1849 is it possible to dig deeper to his mother Kirsten Christensdatter Oddershede and further to her mother Kiersten Pedersdatter Oddershede.

An author L. Both wrote in 1872, that the place was called Oddersig, but since there was build some houses the named it Odders Hede.'Odder' is the English 'utter' and 'hede' is 'moor'. It is uncertain where Both found information about the origin/transformation of the name Oddersig to Oddershede, since the name Oddershede dates so far back. Oddersig may have been the name of the hollow and Oddershede the area up the hill? I think so because Oddersig: a “sig” is a low-lying area which fits perfectly into the picture with the (now) drained area north of Oddershedeg&aringrd which is located in the hollow. It is interesting that the name “Oddersig” exists as a family name – see the 1840 census in Thisted county, Hillerslev district, &oslashsterild parish.here:

Folket&aeliglling 1840 Thisted Amt, Hillerslev Herred, &oslashsterild Sogn

Family around the world

It is easy on Internet today to see, that you can find an Oddershede in many corners of the world besides Denmark. In the same source, as mentioned abow, we find two brothers Kristian Oddershede (1881- ca. 1925) and Knud Oddershede (1883- ?),who around 1910 emmigrated to Chile. They were grandchildren of Lars Peter Knudsen Oddershede. Especially in Chile you find many with that surname! If you use Facebook you can find Oddershede both from Denmark, Chile and Sweden! This is a photo of one of Kristian's and Knud's brothers: Martin Oddershede (1884-1971) with his wife and their children, of whom one girl still is going strong!(2011)

Link to article on the Chile branch in details!

Photo: 1946, Knud Larsen, Slangerup


Kelstrup M&oslashlle
Lars Peter Knudsen Oddershede bought Brom&oslashlle 1879. In 1888, when he sellsOddershedeg&aringrd,
he lease an acreage in Kelstrup parish for 49 years and bild a windmill. (Photo without yea

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