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An era with splint baskets

  Today is a splint basket [spånkurv] almost unknown in Denmark.

'An era of splint baskets' tells how splint baskets were made in Denmark, and by whom. It is in Danish but with an English summary.

The summary is to be seen on Internet


In Lillerød now called Allerød splint basket was made from 1902 to 1970 and it is this history that is in focus, for essentially it was the only place in Denmark where the splint basket was made from A to Z throughout the period. It did not cover all sales in Denmark - many splint baskets were imported by merchants from Sweden and they are not forgotten in the report. This is not a story of handicraft but merely a kind of industry. Splint baskets are to day replaced by plastic bags. Drawings and photographs from those days tell us that it was always in the picture. A splint basket was so needed as a bed, table and chair. Now it is almost gone, and you can't get it, at least not for yesterday's humble prices.

Although Per-Olof Johansson tells much about the details of the manufacturing process, the intent of the present work, however, was not to tell how you make yourself a splint basket. The intention was solely to preserve a corner of the culture's history, which seemed doomed to oblivion.

Per-Olof Johansson was born in Lillerød 1942 as youngest son of Arvid and Esther Johansson, who ran Lillerød Spånkurvefabrik [splint basket factory]. Though he can not make a basket, the process and the people stayed in his mind to the degree, that he had to tell the story -. He has shared images, even photographed and the book has been a mixture of memories and research.

The book has been published in 2009, but in 2007 his son and daughter in law invited him to a tour to the place Örkened in Scania, Sweden, from where the splint baskets maker came to Denmark around 1890-1900. The pictures are from that 'Grand Tour"! :-)



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