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Music with Bronze Age Lurs

Plate for visual instruction at school a.1900

- informations on recordings with modern use of the old instruments


The Brudevaelte Lurs


Lurs from the Bronze Age -

were first discovered in a bog called Brudevælte 1797, follow the links for more information...........

Label: Danmarks Gamle Lurer 78 rmp

First recording with lurs 1925

Danmarks Gamle lurer
Tusindaarige toner
In 1925, Angul Hammerich held a lecture about the bronze lurs and had musicians demonstrate on the lurs. This was made into a recording on Nordisk Polyphon Aktieselskab at the National Museum, Copehagen (May 12th, 1925). The 78 rmp gramophone record was called 'Danmarks gamle lurer - tusindaarige toner'.


LP cover: Klange fra Danmarks bronzealderlurer 1966
Klange fra Danmarks bronzealderlurer (Music blown on lurs from the Danish Bonze Age). Performed by Palmer Traulsen and G.A. Wilkenschildt. On 10” 33 1/3 rpm disc. Notes by Thorkild Ramskou (in Danish and English) 5 pp. illus. Nationalmuseet NM 67-001:
Listen: Lur music from this LP as MP3

review Author of Review: Jeremy Montagu
Ethnomusicology, Vol. 16, No. 3, Canadian Issue (Sep., 1972), pp. 575-577

Interview [in Danish] with Palmer Traulsen.

CD+ booklet box: MUSICA SVECIAE:Fornnordiska klanger [1984]  1991 Cajsa S. Lund om CD 'Fornnordiska klanger' in Swedish

Cajsa S. Lund has produced this fantastic recording, and is responsible for its contents, research and commentaries. The lur parts are played on the original bronze age lurs. She has a doctoral dissertation on archelogy. She is also a musician, a basoonist and also a saxophonist. She is the author og several scientific papers on music archaelogy.

YouTube version with lurs

CD cover: Die Luren In 1997, a recording was made at Nikodemuskirche, Berlin, Germany by Stephan Maier. The recording is called 'Die Luren - Klingende Zeugen der Bronzezeit'. Maier used the Brudevælte lurs.

[thanks to http://abel.hive.no/trompet/lur/bronze/ ]

CD cover: Bronze Brass 1999 Royal Danish Brass band på dansk

Royal Danish Brass Band in English

"In recent years we have several times been asked to make a recording of the oldest Danish instruments in existence, the lurs, dating from the bronze age. However we thought that a whole CD consisting only of lur music would be somewhat monotonous, perhaps even boring, with all respect to these c. 3,000-year-old treasures. Therefore in several of the items we have combined the old bronze-age instruments with the sophisticated brass instruments of today, ..."



Bronselur - Klang av oldtid

The Bronze Lurs for this recording are exact copies of Brudevælde lurs in C at the National Museum in Copenhagen. Copies are made of 'Broncestøberiet A / S' by Peter Jensen by scanning MOEF A / S.
The lurs were completed in summer 2013 after years of planning and study of casting technique at various museums in Denmark and Norway.
The lurs are owned by the Archaeological Museum in Stavanger (UIs) and is financed by the Stavanger Cultural Fund, Olga Berentsens Fund, University of Stavanger (UIs) and the Arctic University of Tromsø (University of Tromsø). The two founders Jens Chr. Kloster and Gaute Vikdal has assisted throughout the process. The two lurs is the only cast bronze wondering outside of the original.
Archaeological Museum in Stavanger were under the whole manufacturing contact part of contracts and the practical round economy. They are currently owners of the lurs, while the two initiators Gaute Vikdal and Jens Chr. Kloster has secured use rights for 10 years. All rights around the production is handled by the initiators.It is the first time modern casting of lurs has succeded.

At http://abel.hive.no/trumpet/lur/bronze/ you find 4 samples in MP3 format, played on the Revheim lurs

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