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Copenhagen? No no no! 

 The name of the capital in Danmark (Denmark) is København. Koebenhavn. I do not understand why this changes to Copenhagen in English ! And I do not like it either.

Well, in this world you have to compromise now and then, so here I present some new possibilities.


Kobenhagen It is still ok for Germans to use this manner of speaking. If! you remember, that in Danish "koben" is a crow-bar and "hagen" the chin! What Kopenhagen is, I do not know.

C'operahagen A new Danish opera house is under construction (2004) just opposite the queens castle Amalienborg at the seaside, the Danish Lilliput answer to Sydney.

Coop'enhagen Coop is the biggest union of food stores and warehouse chains in Danmark. Coop is a Nordic union between the co-operatives societies in Danmark, Sverige (Sweden) and Norge (Norway). Since Stockholm has the headquarter we want the name!

Cobrahagen Cobra is a famous union of artists and they took their name from Copenhagen, Bruxelles and Amsterdam and most famous of those artists is the Danish painter Asger Jorn (in fact his name was Jørgensen!)


Words and sketch © Per-Olof Johansson, DK


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